Friday, June 8, 2018

第 159天 (2018 年) - 唔好行開,千萬不要離開耶穌! (請按此處收聼廣東話 )

**如果這是你的第一次靈修又或者你有一段長時間未有靈修,我提議你先用以下的 "破.立40日靈修"才開始使用這 "親親爸父, 抑鬱消失"每日靈修: 

    破. 立 40日每天靈修:

1.  停下來. 靜一靜
2.  等候主. 深呼吸經歷主之平安, 感受主的臨在, 呼出你的憂慮

1.  思想最近使你開心歡笑的時刻
2.  為那些時刻及有關的人感恩

認罪悔改  (Subjective Shifting Devotion Method 轉位靈修法)

1.  求聖靈在你生命中工作
      "親愛的聖靈, 求你光照我心靈的深處, 使我看見我的罪, 我和主耶穌的阻隔, 
        求你幫助, 奉主耶穌基督名求。阿們。"

2. 透過聖靈的工作, 安靜一刻, 省察自己, 之後祈禱:

親親爸父, 聆聽主話(詩篇 129:1-8; 列王紀上 3:4-4:34; 使徒行傳 6:1-15; 箴言 16:26-27)
聖經網頁: Chinese (Union):列 王 紀 下+13&version=CUV

Please read all four passages first before reading my sharing.

To know, learn and practice this method of Time with Abba, please click this link:

Please see below the passages I copied today:

           Today I got a very important and inspiring topic from our Lord Jesus Christ and that is: "唔好行開,千萬不要離開耶穌! "

           It seems that King Solomon asked the right thing to have a discerning heart to govern God's people. And, God was pleased and gave him a wise and discerning heart. But, there is a condition to God's promise and the condition is "if you walk in obedience to me and keep my decrees and commands as David your father did."

               The key word I received is the word "walk". We need to know that wisdom and discerning heart are gift of the Holy Spirit. If we walk with God and we will be filled with the Holy Spirit and we will naturally receive some gifts from the Holy Spirit, might include wisdom and discernment.

               The critical point is whenever we "walk" away from Jesus and everything will be gone!

              So, how can you walk closely to Jesus?

              That's what I received four months before I was consecrated as a bishop in September 2009. I still remember that day when I asked Jesus, "What do you want me to do when I become a bishop?" Jesus said, "Read Acts 6:4." So I read, "We  will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word." Then Jesus said, "This is what I want you to do when you become a bishop."

             Since that time I have spent most of my time to lead people to pray and to experience the power of God's word. That's how Jesus commands me as the way to walk with Him each day personally and also to lead more people to do so.

             Do you know what does it means for you to walk with Jesus?
     Dear Lord Jesus, 
     Help us to be willing to walk with you each day so that we can be filled with the Holy Spirit and be anointed by the gift of wisdom and discernment. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. 

     1. Do you think you have walked away from Jesus lately? If YES, how do you feel? If NO, how can you be so sure that you have not walked away from Jesus?

      2. How can you walk more close with Jesus each day/

     3. What have you received from Jesus today?


  永遠敬拜 (Be with You)
      Be with you

四十天的"破. 立"靈修:

如果你有 Android cel. 請按此處上載程式,可直接一按收聽最近之十次廣播:

     Today is our  DAY 159  in 2018 non stop Morning Prayer Monday through Friday 6:00am to 7:30am Thursday night 8pm to 9:30pm, Saturday 8am to 9:45am, Sunday 7:00am to 8:25am

The offering of our First Fruit every morning have changed lots of things: unity, lifestyle, character …and many more!

     Also, we started to have a weekly Thursday TWA at 8p.m. two months ago, a weekly Friday TWA for moms with child care last Friday and a weekly TWA led by Pastoral Care School leader at 7p.m. four years ago. 
Please find wonderful pictures of our TWA at Richmond Emmanuel Church:
      Daily copying the Bible and small groups praying in front of Janelle's wonderful painting "Story of God's salvation"

     Ram horns sounding daily to welcome the presence of our might God and to open our souls to prepare receiving His message:

     Three generations TWA worship:

     Daily communion after TWA:

     Parents praying with their daughter: (Rev. Ignatius Ng, Anna Ng and Zoe Glory Ng)

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