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OT 第 409天 - 如果你沒有兒子,神會給你嗎? (請按此處收聼廣東話 )

1.  停下來. 靜一靜
2.  等候主. 深呼吸經歷主之平安, 感受主的臨在, 呼出你的憂慮

1.  思想最近使你開心歡笑的時刻
2.  為那些時刻及有關的人感恩
3.  敞開心懷讚美主

         這 代 要 對 那 代 頌 讚 你 的 作 為 , 也 要 傳 揚 你 的 大 能 。
         我 要 默 念 你 威 嚴 的 尊 榮 和 你 奇 妙 的 作 為 。
         人 要 傳 說 你 可 畏 之 事 的 能 力 ; 我 也 要 傳 揚 你 的 大 德 。
         他 們 記 念 你 的 大 恩 就 要 傳 出 來 , 並 要 歌 唱 你 的 公 義 。
          詩篇 145:4-7
認罪悔改  (Subjective Shifting Devotion Method 轉位靈修法

1.  求聖靈在你生命中工作
      "親愛的聖靈, 求你光照我心靈的深處, 使我看見我的罪, 我和主耶穌的阻隔, 
        求你幫助, 奉主耶穌基督名求。阿們。"

2. 透過聖靈的工作, 安靜一刻, 省察自己, 之後祈禱:

聆聽主話 (撒母耳記上 1:19-20)

19 次 日 清 早 , 他 們 起 來 , 在 耶 和 華 面 前 敬 拜 , 就 回 拉 瑪 。 到 了 家 裡 , 以 利 加 拿 和 妻 哈 拿 同 房 , 耶 和 華 顧 念 哈 拿 ,
20 哈 拿 就 懷 孕 。 日 期 滿 足 , 生 了 一 個 兒 子 , 給 他 起 名 叫 撒 母 耳 , 說 : 這 是 我 從 耶 和 華 那 裡 求 來 的 。
                           撒母耳記上 1:19-20
現在讓你有一段安靜的時間, 給聖靈一個空間, 讓主耶穌可以藉着你剛才讀過的經文, 對你說話:

             Today is Boxing Day, the day to open Christmas gifts. Do you think God would give you a gift today? How about a prophesy that you are going to have a son if you so desperately want to have a son as Hannah did? Could that happen? 

     讓我們聽聽 John Goldingay 教授的教導: 
             1 Samuel does say that God closed Hannah's womb, and it now links her being able to have a baby to God's being mindful of her in the way she asked (we looked at the idea of God being mindful in connection with 1:9-11). 

John Goldingay. 1 and 2 Samuel for Everyone. Louisville,KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2011, p.18.

               Today Jesus reminds me of a wonderful experience happened in Summer 2007. Chung Kai Chow who I knew in 1990(who was then a Grade 11 student and I led him to receive Jesus as his Saviour and Lord of life) came to our church with his wife Connie whom I had not met before for Sunday worship from Austin, Texas. After the worship they shared with me the painful story that they wanted to have a child but for a few years no matter how hard they tried with all kinds of methods, they failed.I was moved by the Holy Spirit to have a short communion service with them and gave them communion. Michelle and I were there and we saw a couple Greg and Agnes and we asked them to lay hands on them and pray for them, all four of us. You know what, a miracle happened, in Summer 2009 they got a twin, a son and a daughter. I visited them two years ago in Austin. Do you think this is a coincidence? I don't think so.

        I am so moved that there are at least a couple who are reading my blog now who desperately wish to have a child. Have faith, follow Hannah's way to pray now. Hold hands together and pray now! If God answers your prayer within these two years, please give me an email so that I can give thanks to the Lord for what He has done today! And, I will bless the two of you and your child(or twin)!

        Please see Chung Kai and Connie's family pictures with their twin. And, the picture Connie took with Chung Kai and me two years ago in Austin. I asked Chung Kai just a few hours ago and he is glad to allow me to use the two photos and their wonderful testimony.

        May God bless you!  

        Help us to know that you are the Lord who really answers prayers. Teach us to pray in your own way so that we will experience the power of prayer starting today. 奉主耶穌基督名求, 阿們。

    1. Do you think God would answer prayer like that? Do you think our prayers for Chung Kai and Connie and that they had a twin was a coincidence? What inspiration have you got today?

    2. How are you going to pray now to ask God for what you desperately need?

3. What have you got from Jesus today?

    詩篇  147:1-11
    撒迦利亞書 9:1-17
    啟示錄  17:1-18
    箴言 30:32


   10,000 Reasons

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