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OT 第 412天 - 當你大大經歷神時,你會渴慕面見他 (請按此處收聼廣東話 )

1.  停下來. 靜一靜
2.  等候主. 深呼吸經歷主之平安, 感受主的臨在, 呼出你的憂慮

1.  思想最近使你開心歡笑的時刻
2.  為那些時刻及有關的人感恩
3.  敞開心懷讚美主

         耶 和 華 有 恩 惠 , 有 憐 憫 , 不 輕 易 發 怒 , 大 有 慈 愛 。
         耶 和 華 善 待 萬 民 ; 他 的 慈 悲 覆 庇 他 一 切 所 造 的 。
          詩篇 145:8-9
認罪悔改  (Subjective Shifting Devotion Method 轉位靈修法

1.  求聖靈在你生命中工作
      "親愛的聖靈, 求你光照我心靈的深處, 使我看見我的罪, 我和主耶穌的阻隔, 
        求你幫助, 奉主耶穌基督名求。阿們。"

2. 透過聖靈的工作, 安靜一刻, 省察自己, 之後祈禱:

聆聽主話 (撒母耳記上 1:21-22)

21 以 利 加 拿 和 他 全 家 都 上 示 羅 去 , 要 向 耶 和 華 獻 年 祭 , 並 還 所 許 的 願 。
22 哈 拿 卻 沒 有 上 去 , 對 丈 夫 說 : 等 孩 子 斷 了 奶 , 我 便 帶 他 上 去 朝 見 耶 和 華 , 使 他 永 遠 住 在 那 裡 。

                           撒母耳記上 1:21-22

21 The husband Elkanah and all his household went up to offer Yahweh the yearly sacrifice and to fulfill his promise, 22 but Hannah did not go up "Because" (she said to her husband),  “when the boy  is weaned I will bring him. We will see Yahweh's face, and he will stay there permanently."  
          1 Samuel 1:21-22 (Old Testament Translation by John Goldingay)
現在讓你有一段安靜的時間, 給聖靈一個空間, 讓主耶穌可以藉着你剛才讀過的經文, 對你說話:

             Today I use Professor John Goldingay's translation for these three verses. Why? Because I think his translation of verse 22 "We will see Yahweh's face" is more inspiring and accurate then what ESV or NIV has "Present him before the Lord". 

     讓我們聽聽 John Goldingay 教授的教導: 
             The Torah speaks of the festivals as occasions when people go to "appear before" God, but Hannah uses a bolder expression. They are occasions when people go to "see God" (it's the same Hebrew verb, but a different form of it). No doubt she doesn't expect physically to see God; she is too wise a woman to reckon that God is bodily and visible. She will think of seeing God in not such a different way to the way Christians do when we speak of seeing God with the eyes of our hearts, as we might put it. Hannah knows that when you go to God's house, you really meet with God.  

John Goldingay. 1 and 2 Samuel for Everyone. Louisville,KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2011, p.20.

               Tomorrow, January 1, 2016 Richmond Emmanuel Church will start our 366 days daily prayer meeting for the whole year. Our time table will be:
Monday to Friday   7a.m. to 7:30a.m. Prayer meeting
                          (6:30a.m. to 7a.m. copying the Bible using Time with Abba one year read the whole Bible list as you can see below)

Saturday              9a.m. to 9:45a.m. Prayer Meeting(8a.m. to 9a.m. Copying the Bible)
Sunday                8a.m. to 8:30a.m. (half an hour before our 1st Sunday service)

         I do hope and pray that we will have lots of REC brothers and sisters coming to see God and worship God. If you are in Vancouver, you are welcome to join us!

        May you have a blessed and anointed year 2016! 

        Help us to cherish the opportunity to see you and worship you. 奉主耶穌基督名求, 阿們。

    1. Have you seen God in that kind of sense, especially after you experienced His great power

    2. Could you ask the Holy Spirit to help you to recall one to two occasions now and give thanks to the Lord, then ask God to open your eyes to be able to see Him?

3. What have you got from Jesus today?

    詩篇  150:1-6
    瑪拉基書 3:1-4:6
    啟示錄  22:1-21
    箴言 31:25-31


   10,000 Reasons

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