Sunday, December 1, 2013

We Are Being Robbed Today in Hong Kong

Jesus says, "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. "
                                                          John 10:10

What Jesus says is what we experienced just four hours ago!

Today is a very special day!

At 7:15p.m., we met with quite a number of our relatives, some we have not met for 46 years because of family "fight"! I was asked to say grace in the beginning of tonight's dinner and it was so moving. All the sadness, misunderstanding and curse is gone and we are all free!

At 8:45p.m., my sister Ada received a call from the janitor of her school(My sister is the principal of an Anglican High School and she lived on the top floor of the school. Michelle and I lived in her home with our mom now) that some people heard my sister's Filipino maid cried for help. He went up to my sister's home and saw the maid was being tied on the floor. He went down and call the police and then called my sister.

The police went in and found the maid was being tied up as well as my sister's dog, a Beagle. The maid was then admitted to the hospital, stayed there for three hours and just came back(the time is now 12:40a.m.). Now the police were asking her what really happened.

We came back home at around 9:30p.m. There were at least twenty police searching the whole school floor by floor and room by room.(My sister is on the top, 7th floor). There was an Inspector in charge and then a Chief Inspector came with a few Inspectors. 

There are 137 CCTV monitors in the school and because of that they caught a guy hiding inside a room in the school with confirmation that he went up to my sister's floor. They got him! Hong Kong Police is so, so good!

Nothing valuable seems being stolen and no one being hurt.

Please pray for Requel, the maid as she was being tied up from her neck, to her both hand and feet. She is still in great shock! And my mom is in shock too because she thought she might be the one being tied up if she were at home.

Praise the Lord for His protection and your prayers!

Can you believe what I wrote in yesterday's Devotion on Fire 2:

Joy in Crisis:
Joy in Crisis Really Happened Today:
What a meaningful examination paper we are having today! Joy in crisis!

The lesson for me today is that the thief may come any time without any warning. When someone experiences great shock of this kind or worse experience may not have peace or even live in fear. The worse is not the stealing, but Satan's killing and destroying. Only Jesus' daily intimate personal relationship can give us peace, assurance and life! Only Jesus and no one else!

Today is the first day in Advent. New Year Day for the Church. What a meaningful and blessed New Year Day for us today!

Jesus is Lord!  Thank you Lord!

Please click this link to the report in a Chinese Newspaper on Dec. 2,2013:

把握現在的鑽石機會去傳福音! 你要開工啦!

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